Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wayanad Tourism Places

Hair Pin curves WayanadWhen thinking about tourist places of Wayanad, first of all we will think about the amazing way to Wayanad. Yes I am saying about the way with many hair pin curves. Really the hair pin curves at Thamarassery is the most dangerous beauty of Wayanad. Once you have traveled to Wayand from Calicut, you can never forget the hair pin curves of Wayanad. After passing all curves, you will reach at the top of the world, were you can feel the fresh air, you can touch the cloud. After reaching  at the top station, if you look at west, can see the whole area of Calicut district. Distinct the land ares, water bodies, town area masses, beautiful agricultural lands, beautified paddy fields etc. Dont think these are the main attractions of Wayanad, these are only samples. Some real samples remains in the Gods own country.


Kalpetta is one of the most developed place of Wayanad. Most most important feature of Kalpetta as it is the Head Quarters of Wayanad District. Kalpetta is developed with infra structure and modern facilities apart from other places of Wayanad. Even Kalpetta is almost developed place, it has hilly places and most beautiful locations with it. So when we discus about the tourism places of Wayanad, Kalpetta has its own importance.

During my first visit to Wayanad, I first stayed at Kalpetta before going to see more tourist places of Wayanad. I purchased some spices, good quality garden tea, honey, ginger oil etc from Kalpetta. I still keep the Handi crafts items I purchased from Kalpetta. Latter I used to purchase many items from Kalpetta from my friends as they all were font of them.

I remember about my visit at OISCA Eco Resource center. There I found many medicinal plants protected in the center. The nearby places of OISCA and surrounding agricultural places were very good. I got some corns, guava, different kinds of fruits  cultivated behind the OISCA Centre. I remember the great time I spend at OISCA Eco Resource Center.

I visited the Harrison Tea Estate at Kalpetta. It was an amazing visit. I enjoyed a great time at the scenery of Harrison Tea estate and premises.

Another most attracted place I found in Kalpetta was Soochippara Water falls. 

I am adding a video of Temple located at Kalpetta. This video was uploaded by Sureshkrishnans. Special thanks to Sureshkrishnan.

Edakkal Cave

After a travel of about 25 Kilo meters from the town place of Kalpetta one can reach Ambalavayal. From the place Ambalaval, we can reach Edakkal Cave by 3 Km. Edakkal cave is a natural and narrow widening between long rocky mountain named Ambukutthy. The narrow cave like widening of about 22 feets. The location of Edakkal Cave is very beautiful with all natural look and is attracting thousands of travelers from all over the world. Most attractive feature in the Edakkal Cave is carving visible in the rock walls of Edkkal Cave.


Lakkidi familiarly and commonly known as the highest rain falling place in Kerala is also an attractive gate way to tourist places of Wayanad. A traveler can enjoy the beauty of Lakkidi who enters Wayanad through Thamarassery peak locally and colloquially called as "Thamarassery Churam".  Lakkidi is an amazing place located after a hilly mountain like hill top about 700 meter high from sea level. Lakkidi the beautiful hill top place can only reach after a journey of 58 kilo meter from Calicut passing many wonder full features like hair pin curves, thick forest surroundings, many streams of natural water falls, rare species of plants and flowers.

Chembra Peak

Chembra Peak is one of the most attractive spot for travelers especially who like adventure journeys and adventure traveling. Chembra Peak is actually a mountain place with rocky valleys. Chembra Peak is a favorite tourist place of Wayanad who like trekking and camping with adventures. It will take a whole day to enjoying trekking person to cover all charms of  Chembra Peak.

Banasura Sagar Dam

Banasura Sagar Dam remains at the top in the list of highest earth dams or embankment dams in India. The attractive view of nature with special visible effects of Banasura Hills, attracts lot of tourists to Banasura Sagar Dam. The enjoyment getting from the earth dam and Banasura Hills in the rainy season give way to another view with many island like formation in summer seasons. The change in natural seasonal visibility variation make Banasura Sagar Dam unique among the best tourist places of Wayanad.

Kuruva Island

Kruva Island is an another attraction among the tourist places of Wayanad. Kuruva Island is an ever green forest like location.

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